Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Just two left

16 Sangatsu,tepat jam 6.30 pagi Umi dan Ayah telah memulakan langkah pertama mereka (sign out) from home as quick as possible menuju ke sebuah kereta just by the road yg tlh bbrp minit menanti mrk untuk dibawa terus ke LCCT ,flight to Indonesia(jam 1 ptg),atas urusan pentadbiran sek dll.So,the only person left home just two of us,Dean and me...Marsha-P.Pangkor n K.Mam-DQ.

Selamat bermusafir Umi,selamat bermusafir Ayah..We gonna miss U so,so,so much!!!
Don't worry about us ok?We'll be just fine.Trust me!Mairakan ada...

After all,around 9.00 a.m my uncle,Chek Syak(adik ayah,anak yg ke 14),arrived from k.l...he and his family willing to bring  us to Water Park Gambang to have some fun.
So,we just get ready and GO!!!!What a!Can you imagine a family with 12 members?

Searching for something bro?

Muadz,are you sure u can carry the tube alone?
(He is the ninth)

Keep watching guys,keep watching,and after this...ENJOY the SHOW!!!

NOW its show time!!!Wuu!!!


It was an astound,amazing water slide...I felt like to fly,serious!
Guess what?I got d first rank!!Awesome..
Next,we went for a family ride.(No pict)

Open shower



Ready to go home...
Chek Syak n Chek Rot family,Dean and Me

17 Sangatsu,again Chek Syak brought us to other places,now it is mini ZOO!!!

Waiting for our tickets.Its on promotion!Adults RM5 only.

Run for ur life Muadz...STRIDE!!!

Please talk to me Burung Kakak Tua.
Eh,eh,Humaira' looked scare but still control...

Besar punye ikan

Hi you there beaver

Muadz in the middle of the jungle

The princess of the hang bridge

"Come on man,boost me up!"Said peacock.

Take 5 x 10,Huhhu...Gajah takdalah...honeymoon kat Thailand,
bln brp tak pasti,baru blk mini zoo semula.
Huu...frust gak tak menonggek,but still say alhamdulillah!!!

Lastly,thankx a lot to all...jasamu dikenang.Sorry,klu mini zoo agak membosankan coz gajah balik "b'bulan madu".We'll try next time k...

17 Sangatsu,about 6.15 p.m,Chek Syak and his family went back to their home...So,again...only 2 left at home.We tidy up home,bila lapar...its COOKing time!!!Nasi goreng udang jer + best tu huhhu!!! Etc.

'Forest" our cute+active loyal,trustworthy company,hehe

watchout bebeh!

Tomorrow Umi and Ayah will be coming home,and then its my turn to go(to Sarawak).
This is what we call a life.Kepada adik2 (alaminianz) yang akan menduduki ujian tak lama lagi, do ur best! Make me proud of you! Ok,salam....


s.F.a said...
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Ayah said...

Bravo for an extraordinary and remarkable effort! keep it up.

Humaira' Abdul Malik said...

Delcravo!!! Hohho.. Hentam jek! Thanx ayah... 4 ur follow up!