Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Happy Anniversary Umi, Happy Anniversary Ayah

13th May-This girl is hoping that umi and ayah are having a happy life together that lasts eternally. I know both of you are busy with your own work at schools... but do not forget to celebrate it! What is more important is that, Mera blh tumpang sekaki... Huhu!!! I wish Umi and Ayah all the happiness in the world and let your life be long and interesting like the Milky Way and soap opera series! May Allah bless both of you.

P/S: From Maisarah, Humaira', Marsha and Dean Eiman
This is your anniversary – a very important date in your life. We all love you and believe in your star. Star that will lead you to intoxicating success, happiness and prosperity!
From me with love,
your daughter Humaira'

Last night we went to East Coast Mall Kuantan, searching for presents, at last umi and ayah bought me a bag and such a kawai teddy bear! Gift 4 my belated birthday... They hope that I can bring it to the campus one day... Huhu, so sweet! 2 in 1.. Anniversary vs belated b'day. 
I dont have anything to say besides I love you so much Umi and Ayah.


ayah said...

hoping the day that we spent together will never be forgotten. unfortunately the eldest one was not there, who else kakak maisarah lah! She is now in cameron Highland for a field trip with her DQ classmates. We know that we are both busy but we are always trying for quality time- at least once a month. Emm..our next trip? Indonesia!

Humaira' Abdul Malik said...

Waah.. Hope I can join d trip, Kak Maisarah pun... Mg2 tak clash dgn kuliah2 kat U nanti. Huhu.. Thanx ayah!

S.A said...

Cool... 3 spackiezzz

Humaira' Abdul Malik said...
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Humaira' Abdul Malik said...

Saya anak mak dan saya anak ayah... 3 spackiezz? Sudah semestinya!!! ^_^

athirah95 said...

WAh kak Humaira'!
Do the best for your parents!
promotlah blog ana..